For five years, I have exclusively decorated our home for all the holidays (Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) with EverThineHome.

I  made the decision almost 6 years ago to rid my home of everything lacking in truth and beauty. I had become passionately convinced that exercising dominion in my home was intricately tied to how I decorated.  This is the place I nurture my children, welcome weary visitors, grow alongside my husband for decades to come. In all of these relationships, Christ was the center -- so why not my home decor as well?

As it turns out, most Christian decor was not to my style (nor to my theology).  So I waited. And waited some more. My kids went without a Christmas tree for a few years, because I couldn't bear the thought of using what was currently available for tree ornaments.  [And if John and Noel Piper celebrated without a Christmas tree, why couldn't we?) We had very little on our walls and on our mantle for the holy-day seasons -- simply because I couldn't stomach what was currently available on the market.

Then, in God's great mercy, EverThineHome launched, and I stumbled across it right from its inception.  Barbara Rainey had put words to what my heart had been longing for -- and furthermore, had brought them to life in her growing line of holiday decor.  She believed Christians could believe*beautifully and I was shouting from the rooftops, yes and Amen!

Since that first pack of Adorenaments I purchased in 2014, our family has celebrated Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas surrounded by the incomparable simple beauty of EverThineHome.

As an added blessing, my oldest daughter and I were able to meet Barbara in person in October 2015, and we shared with her just how much the ETH collection has meant to our family.  Thank you, Barbara!



Here are some of my favorite pieces from EverThineHome, all of which are placed throughout my home at various times of the year. Each of these has helped prepare my family's heart for the the glory of the resurrection, the gift of Thanksgiving, and the majesty of the incarnated Christ.

**All images above are affiliate links, which means I receive a tiny commission on any purchase you make.  However, I have purchased and loved EverThineHome for five years now -- long before I ever met the lovely and gracious Barbara Rainey.